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About myadz

Myadz was started by Mr. George Kuriakkose K. We began making plans for our business years ago. An innocent query from his daughter served as the reason for this innovation. On December 26, 2021, we launched this application in test mode. The current launch is being carried out by implementing fresh improvements that prioritize accuracy and trustworthiness, which will be advantageous to everyone equally.


What is myadz

Myadz is the cutting-edge application for marketing and branding by using the latest technolgy, Aeroswift marketing. The application is beneficial for both customers and entrepreneurs. myadz is a digital platform that helps entrepreneurs deliver products and services to their real clients by categorizing them using the most advanced concept, Aeroswift marketing. myadz helps to generate income to the viewers and also facilitate their professional updation.

Aero Swift Marketing

Aeroswift Marketing is a technology that quickly categorizes the products of entrepreneurs and delivers them to the real customer. Real clients may receive products depending on their location, interests, gender, and jobs by using Aeroswift Marketing. In this manner, the company will gain advantages as the product information reaches the right clients.

Aeroswift Marketing makes it possible to deliver goods to more customers in less time and at a cheaper cost. Additionally, we are able to track the growth of the company. With the help of Aeroswift Marketing, we can learn who viewed our advertisements, where they were seen, and when they were seen. We can take advantage of Aeroswift Marketing to authenticate each advertiser and consumer and verify their integrity